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Water Damage from Basement Flooding in Akron, Canton, Cleveland Ohio

There are few things that are worse for a home or business owner than basement flooding. Water damage from basement flooding can ruin items you have stored in your basement especially pictures and important documents, heirloom items, decorations, stock inventory, and many other items. Once these items are wet many times they can’t be fixed or replaced. Additionally, once wet and not dried out immediately, you have a huge potential for mold growth, a dangerous health issue as the mold can become airborne. Finally, standing water can become foul and odorous if not cleaned up immediately, and that smell can linger and infiltrate your entire home or business.

Causes of Basement Flooding

There are many things that can lead to a flooded basement. If you live in the city, sewer lines can back up causing a flooded basement. Additionally, severe rain storms with a lot of rain, (which is a common occurrence in the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas) can overwhelm city storm drains and sewer piping and the overflow will back up into your basement. In rural areas the most often cause of basement flooding is a failed sump pump. Your sump pump is one of those household items you never think about until it fails.

My Basement is Flooded, What Do I Do?

Call Kensington Contracting immediately! Call our emergency number 24×7 at 330.237.9999 we can be on site in 1-2 hours and begin immediate treatment services. In the meantime, turn the water source off if it’s a pipe. If you have a sump pump, make sure it’s running to pump the water out. Additionally, make sure all floor drains are clear and not plugged up.

Will My Insurance Cover Water Damage From A Flooded Basement

Unless you have it excluded on your insurance policy, most insurance companies will cover damage to a certain extent. However, most policies have limits on their coverage. It’s a good idea to review your coverage amounts with your insurance agent or provider and make sure you have enough coverage based on what you have stored in your basement, or how you use your basement (for example, if your basement is finished and you use it as a living space). Many insurance policies only have $5,000 of coverage, which is not nearly enough to cover an extensive flooding incident or water issue.

What Can I Do To Help Prevent Water Damage From Basement Flooding

Your sump pump is an important item in your home. Be sure to check frequently that your sump pump is working, and check your basement for signs of initial water issues. Many of our customers throughout the Akron, Canton and Northeast Ohio areas keep a spare sump pump on hand as an emergency replacement. Additionally, sump pumps require electricity to operate, so if the power is out so is your sump pump. It’s a good idea to have either a UPS backup power supply, or even a small power generator to provide enough power to keep your sump pump operational even during power outages. Furthermore, keep all drains clean and clear. If you have slow running drains in your home, contract a plumber to visit and snake out all drains and get the drains cleared before they become a bigger issue. Also, check on old rust piping in your basement including all connections.

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