Insurance Claims for Roofing Repair, Water Damage, and Fire Damage

Kensington Contracting has been helping customers file insurance claims for over 30 years. We make the process very easy with the least amount of stress on you, our customer. We usually handle everything from A to Z and our customers don’t have to do anything. If a customer wants to be involved, we will collaborate together. We want what is best for you! Insurance claims are stressful enough without having to navigate through piles of insurance company paperwork (which often seem like a foreign language). Let Kensington Contracting work for you!

Let Kensington Contracting Guide You

When you work with Kensington Contracting, we visit your home or business and assess your repair situation and advise you on if you have a good insurance claim and what the best way is to proceed. Oftentimes, we have seen homeowners or business owners accept an insurance company’s decision for paying only part of a repair and not what they are justly due to finish the repair properly. For example, on a roofing repair sometimes insurance companies will ask the homeowner if they are comfortable with a large roof repair versus replacing the entire roof. While sometimes this is fine, many times matching the existing shingle color is very difficult if not impossible. However, once you agree to the repair insurance companies are very hesitant to ever replace the entire roof, even if you have substantial damage in the future.

Additionally, we have seen homeowners meet and discuss the repair situation with their insurance adjuster without getting professional advice and they are guessing at the true extend of the repair, hidden damage, or all the areas where the damage has occurred or may occur again. Let Kensington Contractors go to work for you! We can assess your repair situation and discover all the variables and ensure you make the best insurance claim possible to have your repair covered.

We Have Handled A Wide Variety Of Insurance Claims

We have a very experienced team of professionals with many years of experience in the rebuilding and repair field. We have seen many types of repair and insurance claim situations including boiler system leaks in 18th century farm homes, water line leaks on the top floor of downtown Cleveland high rise buildings, air fryers exploding and catching a whole kitchen on fire, to tractors catching on fire from smoldering grass and burning an entire home down (with Kensington Contracting rebuilding a brand new home for our Customer).

Call Us We Can Help With Your Insurance Claim

Give Kensington Contracting a call and we can assist you in dealing with your insurance company on your roofing repair, water damage, or fire damage, and getting your home or business looking like new. Additionally, we offer financing options to make getting your property back to normal even easier.

Give us a call at 1-833-Kensington (1-833-536-7464) or fill out the form on this page. We pride ourselves on our fast response time, and typically we try to assess your situation the same day we hear from you.

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