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With over 30 years of roof replacement and repair near Macedonia and Northeast Ohio, the roofing experts at Kensington Contracting are your ideal choice for a free roof inspection and evaluation, and can perform any roof repair or total roof replacement. 

At Kensington, we utilize the very latest roofing technologies and techniques on all of our roofing projects. However, as a roofing contractor near Macedonia what distinguishes Kensington from other Northeast Ohio roofing contractors is our fierce commitment to total customer satisfaction! We will mark no job as complete until our customers are happy and satisfied that all of their issues and concerns have been addressed. 

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Dealing with Insurance Companies Can Be Hard

Insurance companies can sometimes be difficult to work with when trying to get roofing repair claims approved. Let Kensington Contracting work with your insurance company and take that burden away from you! We have a tremendous reputation when it comes to roofing repair and replacement, and insurance companies respect our recommendations. We have had a lot of success in getting roofing claims approved in Northeast Ohio – let us help you work with your insurance company to get you under a new roof today!

Signs You Need A New Roof in Macedonia, Ohio

The weather in Macedonia and Northeast Ohio can be quite capricious at times! Sunny and mild in the morning, and severe storms in the afternoon! It’s important to keep a close eye on your roof and a few other areas after a severe weather event:

  • Storm Damage:  After a severe storm, take a close look at your roof from the ground and try and see if you notice any shingles that are lifted, or missing. Also look inside on your ceilings and walls for any signs of leaking. 
  • Flashing: flashing is a material used where your roof meets another surface such as an attached garage or chimney. The material can break down from age and weather events and allow water to come in the house between the gaps. If you notice water on the walls and ceiling around your chimney or garage, contact us immediately for a free inspection!
  • Ice Dams: Ice Dams are areas of your roof that are susceptible to ice buildup, such as in your roof valleys or spots where to different slopes of your roof meet at an inward angle. Ice Dams can also occur around your gutter lines. At Kensington Contracting we always install ice and water shields (which is a rubberized membrane that prevents these buildups) when replacing your roof. An ice and water shield must be installed in all valleys and two feet beyond all overhangs per roofing code in the State of Ohio. If your roofing replacement is the result of an insurance claim, we will make sure that your insurance carrier provides the funds to bring your home up to code.


Kensington Contracting is an Owens Corning® Preferred Contractor for Macedonio and all of Northeast Ohio. What this means for our customers is that we have a wide variety of roofing products available for your home or business. We offer beautiful designer shingles that will give your home that extra touch of class. Additionally, we offer the Total Protection Roofing System® which seals and defends against water freezing, resulting into ice damming, wind driven rains and normal water flow and lets your roof breathe which reduces heat and moisture buildup. Visit our Owens Corning® Products page for more information, or call us today to discuss your options at 1-833-Kensington (1-833-536-7464).

A little about Macedonia, Ohio

Macedonia is a city in Northeast Ohio centrally located between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. Macedonia offers residents a rural feel, but also includes many restaurants and parks, and is in close proximity to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Macedonia is rated one of the best places to live in Ohio.  A wide variety of business also call Macedonia home including service and retail as well as manufacturing. 

As the city of Macedonia continues to grow the need for a thoughtful, quality roofing contractors has never been greater. Call Kensington Custom Builders today to discuss your ideas!

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